CCMP DeLaval InService™ Program

DeLaval's InService™ program combines both knowledge and innovation to offer a superior service solution.

CCMP is your local DeLaval’s InService™ provider and are a group of experienced service technicians who use unique tools and protocols to perform service on your dairy investment. Using original parts and consumables, CCMP service technicians ensure the continued reliability of your equipment. The properly developed and tested parts that we offer help your machinery run at an optimum level, while securing udder health.

A DeLaval InService™ program provides your investment with regular testing and preventive maintenance, so you can have peace of mind of ensuring your equipment will run at optimum performance and minimise equipment down time.

Why choose CCMP & DeLaval InService as your preferred maintenance provider?

  • Our on Call Service Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Our service technicians are highly qualified including registered MPTA Milking Machine Testers.
  • CCMP has over 30 years experience servicing and maintaining Dairy equipment.
  • CCMP only uses original parts to ensure the continued reliability of your equipment.
  • Parts and Spares are kept locally for a quick turnaround.

We will keep in touch with reminders when your equipment servicing and testing is due. CCMP & DeLaval InService™ Solution for Milking.

DeLaval's InService™ program has been designed to suit the needs of all dairy farmers. From our basic plan to the premium service agreement, contact us today to design a service routine that is right for you and your dairy farm.


CCMP – Dairy Shed Design and Turnkey Dairy Projects

CCMP can provide you with a complete milking solution, from initial concept through to a complete functioning dairy shed that efficiently milks your dairy herd. With over 30 years experience in the design and construction of dairy sheds we have been involved in hundreds of new dairy sheds. Whether you are converting your farm to dairy or you need to replace your existing dairy shed, CCMP can build you an innovative design to meet your needs.

All design work is completely in house, so any alterations or personal preferences can easily be accommodated without the added hassle and cost of managing the process externally.  

When it comes to constructing Dairy Sheds, experience is the key. Working alongside dairy farmers CCMP continue to build innovative ideas that add value to your investment and future proof your complete project. 

CCMP have established designs that are based around the best criteria for cow flow, operator comfort, functionality and economical construction. Although these criteria are always taken into account they do not limit us from including alternative features in your own project. "We have not built two Dairy Projects the same yet"

CCMP offers the following products and services:

  • A Herringbone or Rotary Dairy Project
  • Budget estimates for feasibility
  • Site selection and layout assistance
  • Final design and specification
  • A Complete proposal with fixed pricing
  • Consent and permit application work
  • Guaranteed completion dates

CCMP takes the hassle out of coordinating your project, we have various experienced builders and trades people that all work together to deliver you a project that is on budget, on time and built to last.

Not only does CCMP design and build your project, we also back it up with an experienced service team.  If you are looking for a quality Dairy Shed solution backed with proven experience, give us a call.

CCMP Milking Systems and DeLaval

Whether you need to milk cows, sheep or goats CCMP has the solution that will do the job efficiently using the latest technology from DeLaval.

DeLaval is a global leader in milk harvesting technology and has been in the business for over 125 years. From a system to milk the house cow to one that milks over a thousand cows or a VMS robot that lets the cow milk itself.

Through improved cow breeding and different farm practices Dairy Farmers are getting better production from their cows and farms. The range of DeLaval products that CCMP can offer also follows this path. We can start with an Automatic Calf rearing system that gives the Calf the best start on its way to being a productive cow then depending on your farm requirements we can provide a Herringbone or Rotary Milking system. Automation options can be added from basic cluster removers to the Alpro Herd management system with electronic cow identication, yield recording, heat detection, weighing and automatic drafting. Supplementary feeding systems can also be added inside the dairy shed or outside with a DeLaval mixer wagon.

Milking equipment that is 15 to 20 years old will no longer meet modern cow through put efficiencies or milking demands. Outdated milking equipment can cause problems with milk quality and udder health. Your milking equipment is also in operation for around 1 500 to 2 000 hours per year so if it’s not up-to-date, it won’t optimally perform.

Modern, effective milking equipment can increase your profits by empowering you to produce the highest quality milk.

So if you need a complete new milking system or want to improve your existing milking system, talk to the experienced team at CCMP.

CCMP Water Reticulation and Pumping Solutions

Water is an important part of everyday life, everyone relies on it in one way or another. You soon realise this fact when it does not come out the end of the tap or the stock farm water trough is empty. CCMP have an experienced team to design, install & maintain a system that keeps the water pumping for you.

CCMP are authorised agents for quality Grundfos and Onga pumps. The range of pumping equipment we can supply allows us to cater for all of your domestic, commercial & water pumping reqirments. Our service team also provides a 24hr back up service with parts, spares and technicians for a variety of water reticulation and pumping equipment.

CCMP are specialists in & suppliers of:

  • Farm Stock Water Pumps – Scheme design and pump selection
  • Bore Pumps – Pumps for deep and shallow wells
  • Dairy Shed Pumps – Yard wash, cooler, silo wash and drainage pumps
  • Household Pumps – Garden, House, Drainage & Rain Water Transfer Pumps
  • Drainage Pumps – Sump, Trash & Petrol Driven Pumps
  • Commercial Pumps – Industrial High Volume & High Pressure Pumps
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Fittings – Galvanised, PVC and polythene pipe fittings.


CCMP Farm and General Engineering

Whether you need it designed, fabricated or repaired, CCMP Engineering can provide you with the right solution, everytime.

CCMP has a large well equipped fabrication workshop and an experienced team to take on your engineering project large or small. Structural steel, stock gates, stock feeders, wire mesh, ATV trailers, Dog Motels and other farm related products are all manufactured in our workshops.

CCMP are specialist manufactures and installers of Rotary Milking Platforms. With over 30 years experience they have installed hundreds of Platforms locally and have completed installations in the UK, Germany, South Africa and Chile. CCMP manufacture the latest range of PR1100 & PR2100 Turnstyles Rotary Milking Platforms for DeLaval.

The engineering team at CCMP are also mobile with vehicles that have the equipment needed to get the job done efficiently out in the field. On site engineering maintenance, stock handling yards, dairy pipe work & installation work can all be carried out by this team.

If you need major repairs or modifications, CCMP can collect your equipment using our Crane Truck, carry out the work and return it, saving you money and down time.

CCMP Transport

If it needs lifted or shifted CCMP can deliver.

CCMP Transport is a division of CCMP and is based in Balclutha. CCMP carries out a lot of service and installation work on farms all over the Otago / Southland region and having a purpose built Crane Truck allows our  team to complete a large variety of work efficiently and safely.

Our Crane Truck has a rear mounted Palfinger PK 27002 performance crane and  is available in the region for all your lifting, shifting and delivery needs. Our services are compeitively priced and we have experenced, trained operators to get your job done.

CCMP Truck and Crane Specifications

  • Truck has 6.8m Deck space with container Twist Locks
  • Three axle trailer is available with 8m deck space
  • Truck has capacity to cart 14m - 16m metre loads in one piece using a removeable deck frame. This allows trusses, beams or poles to be carried over the cab of the truck.
  • Crane capacity - 6000kg in close and 930kgs at 18.8m reach
  • Crane is controlled with a radio remote with a 100m operating range
  • Negative boom feature - Can place items inside buildings, through doors & windows etc.
  • Pallet fork & Personnel bucket crane attachments available

The CCMP Crane Truck is ideal for:

  • 20ft containers - empty or partially loaded.  Placed where you need it!
  • Place packet timber close to work area
  • Transporting Tractors, Forklifts and Machinery
  • Site sheds pickup and delivery
  • Moving sleep-outs, garden sheds etc.
  • Trusses - wooden/steel - transported and erected
  • Concrete tilt panels, tanks, troughs and beams
  • Grain or Milk silos
  • Long run roofing iron - place on roof
  • Pallets can be shifted with our pallet forks - Concrete blocks, Bricks, Machinery etc.
  • Erect structural steel
  • Recovering pumps, floats etc from effluent ponds
  • Personnel bucket fits to crane allowing access for - Trimming trees, building maintenace, photos etc